JiM JunkEe

Position: Founder and CEO. Chief of Design and Head Mechanic.
Strengths: A keen eye for style and a knack for keeping one step ahead of the gamE. A good lookin' RoostEr (well so he says...).
Favourite Pastimes: Pullin' stuff apart, longboarding, blue bottle watching, b00gie board surfing, Bollywood films and knockin'up wide wheel ridEs.

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Position: Quality Control Officer and Warehouse Storeman. Loyal Member of AWTU (Australian Working Turtles Union).
Strengths: Reliable, dependable and methodic. Has an eagle eye for quality when it counts. Most times awarded Employee of the Month.
Favourite Pastimes: "Pass the Pigs", Bingo, Housie & Dressmaking.

Grease MonkEy Djin

Position: Assistant Mechanic and resident Grease Monkey. He unpacks the cartons and whacks the bikes together. 

Strengths: Charismatic, artistic, crafty and a pure genius on the tools. Loves to get down and dirty (when he's not in the Warehouse...)
Favourite Pastimes: Hiding Crank's lunch, graphic design and drinking chai lattes with his mates.

Sir Charles GroPer

Position: Mascot to the Jube Customs StrEEt CruisEr and head of product distribution.
Strengths: Big and robust from North Qld, Charles has been known to inflate a 24 x 4.25" rubber tyre in under 10 seconds with a hand pump whilst munching on a dim sim. His brutally handsome all round good looks are a perfect match when he's out proudly promoting JiM's products.
Favourite Pastimes: Sailing, shucking and foreign languages.


Position: Patron to JiM's "One of One - Rare As - Chooks Tooth" range of custom builds.
Strengths: Widely connected throughout a multitude of creative industries, with many influential contacts where it counts. Public speaker and motivator.
Favourite Pastimes: Appearing in toothpaste commercials, competitive netball & flying high with her fellow chicKs..


Position: Head of Warehouse tunes and the JC Social Committee. Chief of prototype testing.
Strengths: Freestyle legend and Karaoke king.
Favourite Pastimes: Plays bass in a metal band, competition BMX, tattooing and welding.


*Proudly brought to you by the Gran ChoriZo Tyre Co...