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Hi, I'm JiM…Welcome to JubE Customs - est. 2011!

Me and my team are urban artists and creative engineers who design and sell custom wide rim cycles …PLUS a whole heap of other cool stuff too! So to help out, here's a list of things you's might wanna know...


Each model we manufacture is unique and in limited quantities so once sold out we never repeat production in exactly the same way, keeping our rides more exclusive. 



Our bikes are often inspired by iconic rides from the '70s and '80s - featuring a mix of our signature super wide rims, re-engineered frames, wickEd graphics by local artists such as Sounder Branding and Josh Rufford (to name a couple). All rides have been exclusively designed and prototyped here in our storehouse and then on to be manufactured in our specialty factories …  and you's get A BRAND NEW QUALITY JubE CUSTOM BIKE!  JUBE CUSTOMS...DEECE!

Check out: https://sounderbranding.comhttp://www.ruffoart.com



We're proud of what we build. We personally visit all our manufacturers/factories for quality control and product innovation. Every JUBE CUSTOMS bike sold by us is backed by a 12 months replacement warranty which is supplied by us in writing. All JubE bikes have been tested and approved under Australian Safety Standards AS/NZ1927:2010 guidelines prior to manufacture and sale. Each model we manufacture is unique and in limited quantities so once sold out we never repeat production in exactly the same way, keeping our rides more exclusive. None of our bikes are sold or distributed to retailers or department stores as we are the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. This means better prices and value.



Delivery of all bikes is by Courier to your door 85% assembled in a mighty cool export grade 7 ply carton. Please note bikes cannot be delivered fully assembled as damage would occur during transit. Most of the time the only assembly required is attaching the handlebars, seat, pedals and front wheel using a set of allen keys and a spanner. Depending on design and size some bikes require more assembly. Assembly instructions are supplied with every order. Each bike is personally quality checked for correct assembly and completeness prior to shipping. Of course, if you do need help with assembly then please contact us, or alternatively seek a hand from your local bike store…Easy! Please note prices do not include assembly assistance, and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange safe assembly including any minor adjustments eg to brakes or gears - at their own expense if required. 



We do our super duper best to complete, pack and ship all goodies within 3 business days from receiving completed fully paid orders. Sometimes it gets real busy so if we need more time we'll let you's know. Tracking numbers including the couriers contact website are supplied as soon as your order is shipped from our warehouse. All information including estimates of freight arrival times and goods in transit locations are available using these tracking details. Please note we have priced all our goods allowing for one delivery per order. Any further  delivery arrangements must be arranged between the shipping company and you. To help us deliver goods smoothly its always best to advise clear delivery instructions at the checkout, e.g. "ok to leave behind side gate if not home". Our shipping rates are based on the most competitive available in the Australian market using a freight broking service. Some delivery areas with longer distances or remote locations will unfortunately occur higher shipping rates. JubE reserves the right to apply additional freight charges to remote areas or decline to ship goods to some areas. We do our very best to offer the best and fairest rates available in the market. Most importantly, all goods shipped by us are fully insured until they safely reach their new home. In the very rare event your goods arrived damaged we will ensure full rectification at our expense. Please note all damages due to freight mishandling must be reported to us for claim WITHIN 48 hours of receiving your goods in order for us to seek compensation from our freight insurers. Damaged goods reported outside these time frames unfortunately will not be covered. 



Due to higher freight costs we currently do not offer international shipping, soz.



Just Unique Bike Enterprises.

Happy Shopping everyone's & PNCH ABVE YR WGHT!


JamEs Hilton JunkEE (JiM)

Founder/CEO/Head R00ster













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